Our Services - Photographic

The greatest illusions staring you and your guests!

Green Screen

Green screen is our most popular product! With fun backgrounds, each picture is unique. Over 50 custom backgrounds for your guests to choose from.

Be on the cover of your favorite magazine.
You can walk the Red Carpet.
You can be the astronaut orbiting the moon…
We create the illusion, and you create the memory!
Your guests will choose from the many styles, magazines, and backgrounds to create their own special memory of your occasion.

Photo booths

Open-air, Inflatable LED or Classic black booth
A wedding favorite! A great keepsake for you and your guests. White or black background are standard, but if that isn’t exciting enough for you – we can mix it up! We’ve created things like paper floral walls, real floral walls, sparkly gold, and more! Let us know if you would like a custom backdrop.

Digital Light Painting

This is sure to WOW your guests – step inside our booth and create magical photos with lights! Images are created in real time without any photoshop or post production LIVE at events just like yours! Guests can either be models, light painting artist, or both! Our team of light painting artist will create custom light packages including light colors and textures consistent with your brand or event.

Digital Graffiti Wall

A unique way to take photos at your event! Guests snap a photo and then can graffiti on the picture before it’s printed.The DigitalGraffiti Wall is an exciting state-of-the- art system that takes the digital photos to the next level. Take a picture and enhance it with virtual graffiti cans on a huge 8ft screen.

3D/ flip photos

Our 3D and Flip Photos are created using a combination of our green screen software and lenticular technology. Lenticular technology is a special process that allows us to create the effects of depth or movement.

3D – We begin by taking a picture in the green screen studio that we set up at your event. We then utilize special software that allows us to place the individuals on a custom pre designed 3D background. Within seconds we print the image and adhere the lenticular lens directly to the photo creating a 3D effect.

Flip Photos – We take two photos with the guests in two different scenarios that will create a story when the flip photo is created. Once the process is completed the guest will hold the photo in one position to see the first image and tilt it back 35 degrees to reveal the second image.